Assa Abloy Exec Lock Replacement

The current Assa Abloy Exec key and locking system used in the CWT Compact terminal has reached end-of-life and will be replaced by the patented Assa Abloy Sento key and locking system. Current customers using Exec keys can still order keys against existing key lock combinations by choosing “Use Exec combination” in the configurator.

Products in Scope

All terminals

Ordering and Availability

Orders for new terminals or spare parts (excluding against current key lock combinations) will be delivered with the current Assa Abloy Exec solution until the remaining stock is depleted. After this, the new Assa Abloy Sento key and locking system will be provided.


Guard-X Lock Replacement

The Guard-X lock has reached end-of-life and will be removed from the Cale product offering and be replaced by the Assa Abloy Sento key and locking system.

Products in Scope

All terminals

Ordering and Availability

Orders for new terminals or spare parts against current key lock combinations  will be delivered until the remaining stock (at the time of writing 174 locks) is depleted. After this, the new Assa Abloy Sento key and locking system will be provided.

Posted: 10 Aug 18

City of Fort Worth Amends Agreement to Include Cale MAX Single/Dual Space Meters

The City of Fort Worth, TX, a long-time customer of Flowbird’s Parkeon brand products, has recently amended their service contract to include Flowbird’s Cale MAX Single/Dual Space Meter. This addition is the first dual contract of its kind, thanks to the recent merge of parking and transit leaders, Parkeon and Cale, allowing the new combined company to offer both product lines for customer convenience and ease.

Installation of 57 Flowbird Cale MAX Meters will begin in early July of this year. The installation comes with an additional 19 of Flowbird’s Parkeon Strada Kiosks. Both meter types will address the issue of Fort Worth’s recent expansion along the West 7th District, an entertainment and residential region, that hold both large and small areas for parking.

The City was looking for a single/dual space meter solution that also integrated with existing back office systems. The solution needed to be compatible with remote programming changes, including rate adjustments and download functionality across all units within the West 7th Urban Village Core. By adding the single-space MAX meters, the city is now in the process of reducing operation and maintenance process time. 

The Cale Max single and dual space meter is solar powered and comes with an extended battery life. It accepts coins, credit/debit cards and is compatible with mobile app payment.

The original Parkeon contract was amended to include Cale Max Single/Dual Space Meters on January 19th, 2018. Installation of the meters will be completed by September 15, 2018.

“The merger of Parkeon and Cale allowed the company to expand its product offerings, allowing clients to mix and match as needed,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America.  “We appreciate this opportunity in Fort Worth to showcase our broader product range.”

Posted: 25 Jul 18

We can proudly annouce that FLOWBIRD has won the award for ~ BEST IN SHOW ~ at the IPI International Parking Institute Expo -2018.
Which took place June 3-6 in Orlando / Florida. A big praise to everyone who was there on site and contributed to a fantastic exibition. Good job Flowbird America!












Posted: 08 Jun 18

On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will begin to apply within the EU. Focusing on increased privacy protection, it regulates processing and handling of personal data. 

You can ensure that Cale / Flowbird will continue to protect and secure your data, as we have for many years.  

We will continuously publish relevant information regarding GDPR here on the Cale homepage  ~ ENGLISH or SWEDISH



Posted: 22 May 18

The WayToPark Team has been busy making the app faster and more reliable than ever before! This includes new features and bug fixes to improve the experience for the user.

Our upgraded WayToPark app is now available on App Store and Google Play in Europe as a first step and then Malaysia and North America.

 WayToPark is the future of parking, all at the touch of a button!

  • Easy to use
  • Map based for your convenience
  • Notifications regarding your parking status
  • Maps of parking location in receipts

The General Data Protections Regulation, or GDPR is the new important regulation for data privacy. 
The terms & conditions has been updated  to match the new requirements set by the GDPR.

Wallet is a prepaid account that can be charged with tokens and then used for parking sessions.
The credit card will be used to add tokens and can be set to be automatically charged when the tokens has reached below a certain limit.
Wallet/Prepaid account is now available as a payment method in WTP for selected markets.

Simplified parking Flow
The parking view has been redesigned, selection of vehicle, payment method and parking duration are now all done in one page.

EV-charging introduced
New icon will indicate when the user is located within an EV charging zone.

Operator information
The operator name is now more clearly displayed in the parking view when starting and extending a parking session.  

Login page enhancements
The username of the last logged in user will be stored by the app on the login page.

Parking history
The parking history where the user can find the receipts has now been updated for a better view of the map.

Facebook integration
Register with your Facebook account or link your Facebook account to an existing WTP user.

WTP now supports Face-ID to unlock the app and confirm a parking session.

Simplified registration
First, last name and phone number are now optional instead of mandatory.

iPhone X
WTP is now compatible with iPhone X.

Don´t forget to follow WayToPark on LinkedIn and Facebook

Download the app today and spread the word!






Posted: 16 May 18

You can find us in stand 02.202 & 02.104. Hope to see you there!


Posted: 20 Mar 18


March 20th, 2018 - Paris

Parkeon and Cale, the world leaders in parking and transport ticketing solutions, are joining forces to create a new global entity with a new brand – FLOWBIRD – with a signature : Urban IntelligenceThe two players will get stronger in the field of digital through the appointment of a dedicated CEO, Marius Koerselman, for the mobile payment business and a cross-data exchange partnership with Parkopedia.

  • FLOWBIRD is inspired by the ease with which each bird moves quickly and safely within a cloud of birds.

  • FLOWBIRD symbolizes our ambition to make individual travel simpler, safer, faster, while collectively maximizing efficiency and harmonizing flows.

  • FLOWBIRD more broadly encompasses our activities, better describes the diversity of our businesses for our customers and users. Every week around the world, thanks to our terminals, mobile applications and online services, we contribute to improving the living environment of our 100 million users by helping to reduce air pollution, optimise traffic, simplify payments, make cities more secure and economically dynamic...

  • FLOWBIRD is a Software platform which helps the local authorities to mesure, monitor and manage the mobility within the cities

This is our know-how, the Urban Intelligence. With FLOWBIRD, Urban Intelligence, mobility becomes easier, safer, faster.

FLOWBIRD is pleased to announce the appointment of Marius Koerselman as CEO of Yellowbrick International, its mobile payment business. Marius Koerselman was previously CEO of Parkmobile. Marius Koerselman's arrival at this position reflects Flowbird's determination to become the leader in Mobile Parking Payment while confirming its position as the world's sole player independent from any a car manufacturer.

FLOWBIRD and Parkopedia are also announcing today the creation of a cross-data exchange partnership to improve the services offered to both operators and consumers.

Indeed, Parkopedia will provide Flowbird with data on off-street car parks including information on the 60 million parking spaces it manages in more than 8,000 cities. Its data will feed Flowbird's Path to Park app.In return for this, Parkopedia will use the data received from Flowbird on its on-street parkings to develop its services for customers, both professionals and consumers.

FLOWBIRD operates in over 5,000 towns and cities in 70 countries. The company is constantly innovating and breaking new ground to help provide solutions. The merger of Parkeon and Cale, announced in January, will enable us to combine our expertise and accelerate our investments into products and services that, through digitalisation, technology and innovation, will help us to improve individual journey experiences and make our communities better.


About Parkeon

2017 revenues: €250m

2017 EBITDA: €55m

About Cale

2017 revenues:€ 70m

2017 EBITDA: €10m


The new group, FLOWBIRD, Urban Intelligence has 1,300 employees (Parkeon 1016 and Cale 284 as at December 31, 2017).



Posted: 20 Mar 18

Intertraffic is one of the most prominent trade exhibitions in parking industry. Cale has been driving innovation in parking for more than 60 years and counting. 
Come and visit us at our stands 02.202 & 02.104, to find out more about our solutions for small parking operators to fully integrated solutions for complex Smart Cities,
and of course everything in between. Lookíng forward to see you all there! Read more about Intertraffic here

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Posted: 15 Mar 18

Parkeon, the world’s leading parking and ticketing services provider, and Sweden-based Cale, announce completion of their combination to create the future urban mobility technologies market leader.

Parkeon and Cale had entered into exclusive negotiations in November 2017. With completion of Parkeon’s works council consultation process, the final step has been carried out so that the transaction can now be executed. Cale and Parkeon solutions will continue to be offered in order to ensure a smooth and seamless combination process for customers.

The new group’s name will be announced in the near future. The new group plans to continue strong investments within digitalization in order to bring innovative solutions to its 5 000 municipalities customer base as well as to its 100 million daily users. As of September 30, 2017, Parkeon and Cale posted revenues for the previous 12 months of c.€230m and
c.€70m respectively.

Bertrand Barthélemy, CEO of Parkeon, and Anton Kaya, CEO of Cale, said: “We are thrilled that our planned Parkeon / Cale combination has been welcomed by all our stakeholders. We
can’t wait to start the work and grow our new group to become the world leader in urban mobility technologies.”

Read the pressrelease on Mynewsdesk here:

Posted: 11 Jan 18
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