Following our previous communication related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our activities, and despite all the preventive and mitigating actions we have put in place, Flowbird have unfortunately suffered from a COVID-19 infection.

As a result, we have temporarily interrupted all the manufacturing activities performed in France for at least 14 days from the 23rd of March 2020, which will unfortunately impact our deliveries and projects. Manufacturing activities continue in our Swedish facility producing our CWT range on a limited scale.

Flowbird will issue  regular updates on the evolution of this Force Majeure event that we are all suffering. We will inform our customers as soon as our activities resume.

On the Field Services side, the situation differs from region to region, we therefore advise you to contact your local Sales or Service contact for further assistance on the situation in your region.

Thank you.

Posted: 25 Mar 20

Compact S5 | The next generation! 

The Compact S5 is a digital, low-impact and powerful payment kiosk. The Compact S5 creates connections between traditional parking and other city services. The S5 cloud platform offers powerful integration possibilities, for example making it possible to sell bus tickets or ferry rides. 

The system has full OTA (Over The Air) support of configuration, software and firmware. The OTA support makes the maintenance extremely convenient and efficient. It gives the customer a great tool for customization of the user experience and can easily be submitted to the payment kiosk. Local businesses will be able to advertise through the video function of the Compact S5.

The crystal clear 9.7” touch screen and integrated speakers makes a vibrant experience. Offerings can also be presented on the ticket thanks to a high resolution printer that handles graphics, tickets, vouchers and 2D barcodes.

WebOffice also offers parking utilization analysis and prediction, taking into account seasonal, weekly and daily variation to optimize turnover, often so crucial in vibrant cities. This frees up space for a livelier neighborhood.

Last but not least, the Compact S5 is powered by an ultra-low energy platform which makes it fully autonomous using solar energy.

Read more here: COMPACT S5 | Release


Posted: 19 Mar 20

As the coronavirus COVID-19 has been declared to be a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and has already spread to over 100 countries. Flowbird is taking this situation seriously.

The management of Flowbird has closely followed government and expert advice in each country within which we have operations and have taken further proactive measures to mitigate, if not avoid, the COVID-19 spread such as:

  • Communication campaign on safe behaviour to all employees.
  • Set-up of a global remote work organisation.
  • Education campaign on remote management best practices
  • Health and HR hotline to monitor symptoms appearance within staff.
  • Trips for our employees that do not have an absolute obligation, such as a blocking situation requiring physical intervention, are suspended until further notice. This measure is not valid for field service technicians in order to support operational system of our customers.

Besides, as the pandemic continues to spread, we have anticipated the strategic procurement on most critical suppliers in order to deliver the 3 coming rolling month backlog.

Here at Flowbird, we are taking proactive action internally and toward our suppliers in regard to business continuity and contingency planning even though we cannot bring any guarantee as we do not measure all the consequences of this Force Majeure event.

Business is not suspended, business will be different.

Flowbird would like to thank you for your patience during this challenging situation and to invite you to contact us for any further information.

Posted: 16 Mar 20

Pay-by-Plate system installed after 8-month competitive trial

Moorestown, NJ --  Flowbird Group is proud to announce that The Village of Lake Placid, New York, home to the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, has partnered with Access Technology Integration (ATI), Flowbird’s upstate New York distribution partner, to launch a new Pay-by-Plate parking system. Implementation of the system began on Wednesday, January 8th and includes 32 Strada pay stations and Flowbird’s mobile parking payment application.

 The plan to replace the existing Pay & Display parking meters was spurred by evident aging technology. City officials estimate the current meters to be reaching 10 years old, causing a lapse in technological efficiency. The older technology still required a driver to print their payment receipt at a pay station, walk back to their vehicle, and place the proof of payment on their dashboard for compliance verification. By replacing these meters with Flowbird’s smart Pay-by-Plate system, drivers do not have to place a receipt on their dashboard and they can extend their time at the pay station or through the Flowbird app.

While the Village’s pay stations have always had a coin and credit card payment option, the new system provides a better parking experience.  The Strada features a 7” full color display and QWERTY keyboard, walking the user through the transaction with a combination of text, graphics, and animation.  For motorists wanting to skip the kiosks altogether, ATI supplied the Village with the Flowbird app, which allows payment on the Android and iOS platforms as well as on the Flowbird app website, The Flowbird app provides time expiration notifications, remote time extension, and a “find my car” feature.

The Flowbird solution was selected after an 8 month head-to-head competitive trial in one of the Village’s municipal parking lots.  During the trial period, the Village found the Flowbird solution, along with ATI’s response and service, to be superior to that of the other vendor.

Located just outside of Troy, ATI supports Flowbird systems for many clients in New York State including the cities of Albany, Binghamton, and Kingston as well as the Village of Cooperstown.  They have been a Flowbird distribution partner since 2012.   

Flowbird is the largest parking solutions supplier in New York State with over 15,000 pay stations in operation.  Additionally, twenty clients in the state are utilizing Flowbird’s mobile apps for parking payment.   


Posted: 27 Jan 20

Customized App to Elevate Downtown Mobility and Visitor Experience

Moorestown, New Jersey – Oklahoma City Council approved a contract on Tuesday, January 7th, to implement a mobile phone parking app in partnership with Flowbird, a leading supplier of urban mobility solutions. The smart mobile parking solution will bring ultimate convenience to motorists, allowing users to pay for parking with their iPhone or Android devices.

Flowbird’s app platform has over 2.5 million users worldwide, and offers an easy, fast and secure option to make mobile parking payments. Once the app is downloaded to a user’s mobile device, a quick registration process walks them through their profile and payment set up. When ready to park, users simply select their parking location from the GPS enabled map, choose a duration and confirm payment. A notification will be sent to the user when the parking session is about to expire with an option to extend right from their phone. Payment methods can be securely stored for quick and easy parking transactions in the future.

The app is being customized for the City with EMBARK, the city’s transportation agency. “Having an app will make it even easier to pay for on-street parking in Oklahoma City, especially for people who use downtown parking regularly,” said EMBARK Administrator Jason Ferbrache, “Convenience is key for parking, and we’re glad to make it more convenient than ever when you’re downtown.”

Flowbird’s app features more than just mobile payment capabilities. The multi-function platform offers advancements in technology such as:

  • ‘Find my Car’ – Walking directions back to the user’s parked car’s location
  • Off-Street Parking Reservations – Allows motorists to pre-pay for parking based on location or based on a specific event
  • Validation codes – A function that allows the City or local merchants to distribute validation codes to app users so they don’t have to pay for parking
  • Bookmark – Saves the user’s favorite parking locations

Oklahoma City has been a partner of Flowbird since July of 2012 when they began implementation of 175 Flowbird multi-space pay stations in place of single, coin-operated meters. The digital upgrade 8 years ago gave drivers the option to pay with credit or debit cards rather than coin only. The importance of customer convenience then, holds true to the City’s values today, as they add a new era of digital upgrade in the form of mobile app payment, joining neighboring Flowbird App customers, Norman, OK, and University of Oklahoma.

The mobile app will be integrated with the parking rights system and back-end reporting system of the Flowbird Pay by Plate pay stations, providing the City’s parking administrators a unified parking payment solution.  All transactions from the mobile app and the pay stations will be available in real-time to the City’s parking enforcement system.
“We are very appreciative that Oklahoma City has put its trust in Flowbird to deliver their new mobile parking payment application,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America, “The City continues to grow and we are proud to be part of its overall transportation solution.”

Posted: 23 Jan 20

Moorestown, NJ —  Flowbird’s Director of Project Management and Solution Delivery, Peter MacDonald, has been elected onto the Board of Directors for the Southwest Parking & Transportation Association (SWPTA) Board. Peter will serve for a two year term where he will join 12 other Board Directors, including the President and Past President.

Peter, a Seattle native who now resides in Dallas, TX, offers more than 10 years in the parking and mobility industry, working in parking operations, citations processing, parking and transit technology and mobility strategy development.  In his experience, he has enjoyed working with municipalities, universities and the private sector.  Currently at Flowbird, he enjoys helping parking and transit clients design and implement solutions across the country.

“Congratulations to Peter,” says Julie Dixon, President of SWPTA and Founder of Dixon Resources Unlimited,
“We are excited to have him join the SWPTA Board and continue the growth of SWPTA within the parking and transportation industry.”

The SouthWest Parking & Transportation Association provides a platform for growth and development for professionals in the parking and transportation industry. The association strives to make learning about the industry a fun and unique experience by hosting high-profile networking opportunities, annual social events, friendly competitions and interactive presentations.

“We are proud to have a member of our team be a part of such an elite association as SWPTA,” says Andreas Jansson, VP of Sales, Flowbird,
“This further demonstrates the quality and commitment of our leaders to the industry.”

Peter was nominated for the board and voted into position by the association’s membership in December of 2019. His term will expire in December of 2021.

Posted: 20 Jan 20

October 24th, 2019

Easy-to-use touch screen kiosks are being deployed across the ‘City of Brotherly Love’

Moorestown, NJ – The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) has announced its partnership with Flowbird Group to roll out the company’s full color, touch-screen pay-by-plate parking kiosks. Flowbird’s CWT smart kiosk uses license plate technology to provide parkers with a flexible and friendly user experience. The advanced parking management system will replace 1,110 existing parking kiosks in Philadelphia’s downtown core, and will eventually replace 8,416 single-space coin operated meters in other parts of the City.


Installation of the new pay-by-plate parking kiosks started in Center City on October 15th, 2019.  Unlike the current kiosks, the new system does not require a customer to display a receipt on their dashboard. Parkers have the option of printing a receipt to keep for their records or they can receive a text message,  providing more convenience to the users while improving sustainability.  Payment is accepted in coins, credit or debit card and the new system seamlessly integrates with the PPA enforcement eco-system.


“The PPA has always embraced the use of innovative technology to improve efficiency and the overall parking experience and quality of life for Philadelphia’s residents and visitors. The key to our new kiosks is remembering your license plate number,” said PPA Executive Director, Scott Petri, during an October 8th press conference.


The PPA’s switch to Flowbird’s pay-by-plate system provides customers more flexibility when they park on City streets. Unlike the old parking meters, the kiosks don’t correspond to any specific parking space, meaning motorists may pay for time at one kiosk and park anywhere in the city. Likewise, they can add time to their parking spot from any pay-by-plate kiosk in the City.


With all kiosks wirelessly communicating to Flowbird’s analytics platform, the City will not only be able to analyze parking activity trends, but it will also be able to streamline operations.  This leads to high uptime and gives parkers a system it can trust.


“We are extremely pleased and proud that our technology is being implemented through the City of Philadelphia,” said Benoit Reliquet, President Flowbird North America.  “Our Moorestown, NJ office is located only a few minutes from downtown, making this a stepping stone project within our organization and beyond.”


The first 50 kiosks installed with go through a 30-day testing period.  Following a successful test phase, the remainder of the kiosks will be progressively phased in, with an expected project completion by middle of next year.  


Currently, Flowbird supports over 40,000 parking pay stations for over 600 customers throughout the U.S.  This project allows the company to expand its presence throughout the world’s most technologically advanced cities, including Barcelona, Chicago, New York, and Paris. 

Posted: 24 Oct 19

WebOffice improvements and Flowbird HUB.

WebOffice is now upgraded to version 2.42. We are doing minor improvements on the UI and the appearance of the Menu bar. We are also improving existing features like translations and Vipps Payments and fixing bugs where we have found them. A new WebOffice feature is being introduced: The WebOffice HUB. A new Package to better consolidate all data from your parking operation. 

WebOffice HUB