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Posted: 23 Nov 21


From the traveller perspective, the travel experience starts from home and ends back home. But travellers get stressed when roads are congested and there is no place to park. A positive parking experience can contribute to how people enjoy their visit, journey, shopping or commute. But this takes a new holistic approach. Integrating open parking data with the new mobility services ecosystem can play an important role in optimising urban mobility. Each car trip starts and ends with parking and therefore digitalised parking should also be an integral part of any MaaS deployment. Apps integrating multimodal transport can only be successful provided that real-time information on available transport options and parking is given. And on the other hand, multi-purpose mobility applications and interconnected modes of transport, effectively serving citizens mobility needs, have the potential to optimise the use of public space, support modal shift and influence travel behaviour. This webinar is all about integrating parking into the mobility services ecosystem.


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Posted: 14 Oct 20

Smart touch-screen kiosks deployed across Downtown Business District.

The Village of Ridgewood, a historical town in northern New Jersey, has launched all new smart parking kiosks in partnership with Flowbird Group. The 85 new CWT Touch kiosks replace older coin-operated single-space meters and will assist in opening up congested streets in the Downtown Business District.

The Village of Ridgewood has recently seen an increase in restaurants and shops opening in the center of town. With the growing popularity, locals and visitors have been struggling to find a convenient place to park. In response, the Village Council approved two major enhancements, a 4-level, 240 space parking garage to be built downtown and 85 new Flowbird CWT Touch pay-by-plate parking kiosks to ease customer parking transactions. Combined, the kiosks have replaced antiquated coin-operated meters with a modern user-friendly functionality, and revenues will aid in paying for the new parking garage.

Ridgewood also boasts a major transit station in the center of town, offering train service to other New Jersey towns with connections to New York City.  Flowbird kiosks are placed strategically in the station parking lots making it easy for people to pay for parking and quickly hop on their trains.

The implementation comes after a successful test period where the kiosks’ interactive touch-screen and pay-by-plate functionality proved favorable among the Village’s Council members. The new CWT kiosks are solar-powered, and have a full-color display, providing an intuitive experience that mimics the interface of today’s digital touch technology. Functioning in pay-by-plate mode, customers register for their parking session using their license plate as their unique identifier. Locals and visitors are not required to display a receipt on their dashboard, though they have the option to print a receipt or opt-in for an eco-friendly receipt via text.  Payment is conveniently accepted in coins, credit or debit card.

Each CWT kiosk wirelessly communicates to Flowbird’s cloud based back-office system, making it easy to monitor hardware for maintenance staff. Flowbird’s robust management system also allows for remote rate and message changes, real-time alerts , and detailed reports that allow parking services personnel to customize and filter data. The Village will not only be able to analyze parking activity trends, but it will also be able to streamline operations and increase meter uptime.

Currently, Flowbird supports over 40,000 parking pay stations for over 800 customers throughout the U.S.  This project allows the company to continue its expansion in New Jersey, joining partner cities such as Atlantic City, Bloomfield, Newark, Rahway, and Trenton with integrated Flowbird on and off-street systems.

Posted: 14 Jul 20

New Mobile Payment App to Elevate Downtown Mobility and Experience

Drivers in Tacoma will now have the option for a ‘touchless experience’ when paying for their parking downtown. The launch of a new mobile parking application, Flowbird App, will bring ultimate convenience to motorists, allowing users to safely pay for parking with their iPhone or Android devices.

“Through the use of this new payment option, our customers can enjoy the convenience of paying for parking on their mobile devices,” said City of Tacoma Parking Services Manager, Eric Huseby, “Not only does the use of the Flowbird App provide a more convenient way to pay for parking, it also does so without the need to interact with and touch a pay station. It was an easy decision to deploy this technology during a period where touchless pay transactions provide more confidence to our customers.”

The Flowbird app, with over 2.5 million users worldwide, offers an easy, fast and secure option to make mobile parking payments in just seconds. Once the app is downloaded, users simply open their app, select their vehicle, select their parking location from the GPS enabled map, and choose the amount of time they wish to park. A notification will be sent to the user when the parking session is about to expire with an option to extend right from their phone. Payment methods can be securely stored for quick and easy parking transactions in the future.

The multi-function app also offers advancements in technology such as a “Find My Car” feature that provides walking directions back to the user’s vehicle.  No more searching for your car! The app can also bookmark a user’s favorite parking locations, remembering them for their next trip.

The Flowbird mobile phone app can be downloaded from the App Store onto an iPhone or from the Google Play Store onto an Android device. Users register their license plates and credit card with Flowbird through the app or through www.flowbirdapp.com.

The Flowbird app is available for use in over 80 parking locations across the United States and Canada.

Posted: 10 Jul 20

Flowbird is launching ‘no touch’ automatic hand sanitiser technology to help safeguard potentially millions of motorists and transport passengers around the world in step with the easing of COVID-19 lockdowns.

The company has developed ‘Park & Sanitise’ – a contactless hydro alcoholic gel dispenser that attaches to Flowbird parking and transport ticketing terminals and provides hand sanitiser on demand to help combat the risks associated with coronavirus. The system is automatically primed once a terminal transaction is complete and a sensor then triggers a pre-set dosage of gel when hands are placed underneath the unit.

Flowbird partners with around 5,000 customers in 80 countries around the world, and in normal times over 100 million people interact with the company’s mobility  solutions every week. As such, Flowbird is ideally placed to support urban centres with measures that will help citizens adapt to a post-lockdown environment.

As lockdowns start to ease, urban authorities and operators will look to innovators such as Flowbird to help them reassure  communities by making daily routines, such a parking a car or riding a bus, train, tram or ferry, as easy and safe as possible,” said Bertrand Barthelemy, Flowbird Group’s president. .

Park & Sanitise, It’s an innovation that will help cities and operators build confidence among people who need to travel for work, for family, or other reasons.

Authorities will also be able to monitor sanitiser volumes remotely through Flowbird’s Smartfolio back office and replenish gel as needed.

Park & Sanitise aims to provide confidence  to customers, the product is an important addition to a Flowbird portfolio which also includes remote payment options for parking and travel, such as the Flowbird app or account-based ticketing.

Flowbird has been at the forefront of urban intelligence for more than 60 years, developing innovative and inclusive solutions to help towns and cities manage traffic flows, improve access to public transport and enhance the end user experience. Each year, the company invests between 8% to 10% of revenue in research and development – Park & Sanitise is one of the latest examples of its commitment to value-adding innovation.

Posted: 06 Jul 20

Jacksonville Beach has announced a new way to ease parking congestion for its residents and visitors! Beginning the first week of June, drivers will now have the option to pay for parking using the Flowbird App, bringing ultimate convenience to motorists.

Jacksonville Beach, known for its live events and coastal entertainment, now joins its neighboring cities, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach, who adopted the Flowbird App in 2019.

New users to the Flowbird app can expect an easy, fast and secure option to make mobile parking payments in just seconds. Once the app is downloaded, users simply select their vehicle, select their parking location from the GPS enabled map, and choose the amount of time they wish to park. A notification will be sent to the user when the parking session is about to expire with an option to extend right from their phone.

The multi-function app also offers a “Find My Car” feature that provides directions back to the user’s vehicle after a long day at the beach. Users can also bookmark a favorite parking location for their next trip out to the town.

Additional paid parking information for Jacksonville Beach can be found here.

Posted: 03 Jun 20
Assists in reducing contact for park visitors.

Delaware State Parks is partnering with Flowbird’s distribution partner, Butts Ticket & Solutions, to bring in 20 additional Flowbird multi-use kiosks after a successful first season to streamline state park admission sales. The kiosks, Flowbird’s Strada pay stations, are being used to create a seamless park entrance process, and allow customers the means to pay with credit card.

Delaware’s Division of Parks and Recreation oversees 17 scenic outdoor parks spanning across 200,000 acres, known as the Delaware State Parks. The vast land and nature preserves offer 5 different campground sites, along with recreational opportunities such as hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, and nature tours. Prior to the initial implementation of Strada pay stations, visitors purchased their entrance passes on-site at a park office, or from a designated state park retailer. When fee attendants are not on duty, visitors deposited their fees in self-registration envelopes provided at park entrances and placed them in designated secure drop boxes.

With a steady increase in popularity and visitation, the State Parks team began to see a need for updated park pass transaction methods for the busy seasons, and when park attendants are away. A trial took place in 2018 in which two Flowbird Strada pay stations were placed at the entrance of Alapocas Run and Holts Landing State Parks. During the span of 6 months, visitors were encouraged to use the pay stations to purchase their daily entrance passes.

The Strada pay stations allow visitors to conveniently pay with a credit or debit card, functioning in pay-and display mode for visitors to show receipts on their dashboard. Whereas the old method required cash to be placed in an envelope when park attendants were away, visitors are easily walked through a credit card transaction with the Strada’s 7” full-color display. The pay station software is programmed to allow guests to choose between in-state and out-of-state park rates as well as purchase admission tickets to the Fort Miles museum at Cape Henlopen State Park. The pay stations communicate wirelessly and run on solar power, adhering to the Division’s commitment to sustainability and environmental health.

All payment data is securely sent in real-time to Flowbird’s intelligent data management suite, giving parks staff the ability to track how many vehicles are visiting each park throughout the day.  This data can be valuable to help determine parking staffing plans.

The functionality of the solution during the trial was a success, leading to an installation of 18 more pay stations in 2019. The units were placed in traditional park settings, including beach accesses and boat launches. Several of those locations, deemed as remote or off-the-grid, saw equal success with the pay stations and obtained full communication without issues. In early 2020, a second order was made for an additional 20 pay stations to be installed throughout the parks.

“Everyone at Delaware State Parks has been a pleasure to work with,” said Mitchell Butts, Butts Tickets & Solutions Representative, “As we move into the third and final phase of this 3-year-project, we at Butts Ticket & Solutions are excited to be able to introduce a user-friendly, state-of-the-art, contactless mode of payment for all parks across the state of Delaware.”

In 2019, over 23,000 transactions were performed at Delaware State Parks Flowbird pay stations.  The additional 20 pay station are planned to be installed in May 2020 for the start of Delaware’s beach season.


About Butts Ticket & Solutions:

BTS is a family owned, third generation, printing and distribution company that has serviced the parking and transportation industry since 1965. Since 2014, BTS has been able to expand on their usual portfolio of printed products to offer their customers the full line of Flowbird solutions including both CWT and Strada pay stations, the Flowbird mobile payment app, and full maintenance programs.

Posted: 14 May 20

WebOffice 2.45 has been deployed on our Europe Data centre, and will also be deployed in our Asia and North America centres in near future. And CWT Software 4.16 is now available for download in WebOffice.

Find out more here: CWT 4.16 & WebOffice 2.45 | Release 


Posted: 31 Mar 20

Following our previous communication related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our activities, and despite all the preventive and mitigating actions we have put in place, Flowbird have unfortunately suffered from a COVID-19 infection.

As a result, we have temporarily interrupted all the manufacturing activities performed in France for at least 14 days from the 23rd of March 2020, which will unfortunately impact our deliveries and projects. Manufacturing activities continue in our Swedish facility producing our CWT range on a limited scale.

Flowbird will issue  regular updates on the evolution of this Force Majeure event that we are all suffering. We will inform our customers as soon as our activities resume.

On the Field Services side, the situation differs from region to region, we therefore advise you to contact your local Sales or Service contact for further assistance on the situation in your region.

Thank you.

Posted: 25 Mar 20

Compact S5 | The next generation! 

The Compact S5 is a digital, low-impact and powerful payment kiosk. The Compact S5 creates connections between traditional parking and other city services. The S5 cloud platform offers powerful integration possibilities, for example making it possible to sell bus tickets or ferry rides. 

The system has full OTA (Over The Air) support of configuration, software and firmware. The OTA support makes the maintenance extremely convenient and efficient. It gives the customer a great tool for customization of the user experience and can easily be submitted to the payment kiosk. Local businesses will be able to advertise through the video function of the Compact S5.

The crystal clear 9.7” touch screen and integrated speakers makes a vibrant experience. Offerings can also be presented on the ticket thanks to a high resolution printer that handles graphics, tickets, vouchers and 2D barcodes.

WebOffice also offers parking utilization analysis and prediction, taking into account seasonal, weekly and daily variation to optimize turnover, often so crucial in vibrant cities. This frees up space for a livelier neighborhood.

Last but not least, the Compact S5 is powered by an ultra-low energy platform which makes it fully autonomous using solar energy.

Read more here: COMPACT S5 | Release


Posted: 19 Mar 20