The company has developed ‘Park & Sanitise’ – a contactless hydro alcoholic gel dispenser that attaches to Flowbird parking and transport ticketing terminals and provides hand sanitiser on demand to help combat the risks associated with coronavirus. The system is automatically primed once a terminal transaction is complete and a sensor then triggers a pre-set dosage of gel when hands are placed underneath the unit.

Flowbird partners with around 5,000 customers in 80 countries around the world, and in normal times over 100 million people interact with the company’s mobility  solutions every week. As such, Flowbird is ideally placed to support urban centres with measures that will help citizens adapt to a post-lockdown environment.

As lockdowns start to ease, urban authorities and operators will look to innovators such as Flowbird to help them reassure  communities by making daily routines, such a parking a car or riding a bus, train, tram or ferry, as easy and safe as possible,” said Bertrand Barthelemy, Flowbird Group’s president. .

Park & Sanitise, It’s an innovation that will help cities and operators build confidence among people who need to travel for work, for family, or other reasons.

Authorities will also be able to monitor sanitiser volumes remotely through Flowbird’s Smartfolio back office and replenish gel as needed.

Park & Sanitise aims to provide confidence  to customers, the product is an important addition to a Flowbird portfolio which also includes remote payment options for parking and travel, such as the Flowbird app or account-based ticketing.

Flowbird has been at the forefront of urban intelligence for more than 60 years, developing innovative and inclusive solutions to help towns and cities manage traffic flows, improve access to public transport and enhance the end user experience. Each year, the company invests between 8% to 10% of revenue in research and development – Park & Sanitise is one of the latest examples of its commitment to value-adding innovation.