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Posted: 15 Mar 17

Ever wondered if the Cale Terminals are as resistant to wear and tear, durable and reliable as we say?

What could prove it better than this:

There was a car accident in Jakarta, Indonesia. The car was badly damaged but the Cale terminal was back in business within a few minutes!

Posted: 08 Feb 17

Michael Kindahl, Area Sales Manager at Cale Access AB, was recently interviewed by Business India on the theme Smart Cities.

Cale has initiated co-operation with a number of distributors in India and Mr Kindahl has a positive feeling about the future development of smart parking solutions in India.

Read the article to learn about Kindahl’s views on the future within parking in India and in what concern he is convinced that Cale will be able to help with the traffic regulation. Cale’s solutions also generate great revenue for the municipality.


Posted: 08 Feb 17

Tönsberg in Norway was a few years ago one of our first customers to try the mobile app WayToPark large scale. Since then, Norway has developed to become one of your biggest WayToPark market and we can today announce that we have contracted another four Norwegian Cities, for example Horten, to implement the user-friendliest mobile app!


Read more about WayToPark here. 

Posted: 07 Feb 17

We are proud of our integrated solution. You can start with one product and expand as demand occurs. This is the case for the Italian City Salerno, who recently ordered a larger number of CWT terminals including service. They can later on add services, for example permit handling, enforcement or the mobile app WayToPark. We call it Parking by Cale. Read more here.

Posted: 01 Feb 17

Two French cities, Brives and Saint-Cyprien, have in the beginning of the year decided to invest in Cale terminals. We are very happy to experience once again that our terminal is considered user-friendly and edge-cutting!

Posted: 16 Jan 17

For many years we filled the streets of the Netherlands with our most advanced terminals, from the 2100 series. Our customers in the Netherlands are very advanced and this has been a very fruitful co-operation for us, as we have had to put our development knowledges to the test more than once! For this reason, we are very glad to have received a new large order from the City of Haarlem for our newest development, the CWT Compact Touch terminal.


Read more about the Touch terminal here.

Posted: 11 Jan 17

We are happy to announce that Valladolid in the north of Spain has ordered almost 400 CWT Compact terminals with included services. Spain is since a couple of year’s one market who is often first with new technology and we very much appreciate their feedback and suggestions!

Posted: 09 Jan 17

Cale has recently taken a large leap forward in the payment technology for parking in the world by releasing the CWT Compact Touch. This has been recognised by many and even featured on Parking Network TV.

Please have a look:

Posted: 08 Dec 16

We can proudly announced the release of the first solar-charged, touch-screen terminal with digital receipts. The new CWT C Touch is built for smart cities and a part of the Parking by Cale concept working seamlessly with other products and services from Cale. Innovative aspects include increasing customer convenience with new payment options including contactless, information possibilities, a connected app for receipts, reminders and time extension, plus autonomous operation and recyclability.

Transactions are simple and easy with the new Touch terminal! The end user inputs the license number and there is no need for displaying a printed ticket in the windshield, hence no need to go back to the car. The parking is enforced by license number which saves the parking operator time and money. Cale is leading the mobile payment evolution in parking by linking our parking terminal to digital alternatives and making it possible to get all parking receipts sent by SMS or E-mail,  or downloaded from  www.waytopark.com.

The revolutionary color 9” touch screen offers improved visibility with video rendering, much faster purchases and simple and convenient parking experience. The terminal can be equipped with different solar panel options for a completely autonomous operation, which makes the Cale Touch terminal an even more environmentally friendly alternative.

The CWT Touch is the most advanced parking terminal on the market today!

Posted: 30 Nov 16