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Cale launched the parking app WayToPark in Copenhagen and Århus during September. All citizens parking their cars in Denmark’s capital and Århus can now register at all existing terminal for a smoother and simpler parking experience.

Posted: 18 Sep 17

Cale terminals will by November 1 be replacing the old parking kiosk in Palm Beach. With the built-in solar panels to recharge batteries that last up to three years, the terminals will save money for the Town. Cale was chosen as the best vendor with its color screen out of nine received proposals. “Their equipment is top notch,” Deputy Town Manager Jay Boodheshwar said. “They’ve been in business for a long time. They were the lowest price, too.” Boodhehwar also states that the Cale terminal has received very positive feedback.

Read more at Palm Beach Daily News

Posted: 10 Aug 17

Our updated WayToPark App is now available on App Store and Google play in Malaysia and Europe!

Download the App to discover the new features;

  • Map based for your convenience
  • User-friendly menu
  • Maps of parking location in receipts

Find more information about the App here.

Posted: 13 Jul 17

Cale and Nedap offer a combined solution for efficient parking guidance. The solution is based on a system from Nedap, which uses bay-mounted sensors in individual parking spaces to detect whether it is occupied. The real-time parking information that becomes available is integrated in Cale’s software, which is used to easily guide drivers to the nearest available parking space.

Click to read the full article on Nedap Mobility's site

Posted: 01 Jun 17

The historic City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, one of the oldest towns in the United States, has recently upgraded its pay stations to feature new pay-by-plate technology in partnership with parking industry leader Cale.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, widely known for its rich architectural heritage, recently upgraded its pay stations to feature new pay-by-plate technology through a strategic partnership with one of the world’s leading parking solutions providers, Cale. The Lancaster Parking Authority was looking to update its parking kiosks in order to optimize its parking operation by reducing maintenance costs, simplifying enforcement, and improving efficiency.

With Cale’s pay-by-plate technology, Lancaster is moving towards the future of parking operations where the vehicle’s license plate number serves as their unique identifier. Now the main form of enforcement and payment for on street parking is pay-by-plate. Enforcement officers are able to scan the vehicle’s license plate with their handheld devices to verify payment status for a particular session, or whether the driver has a valid permit. Cale’s meter and pay station technology has seamlessly integrated with Lancaster’s current enforcement system increasing the city’s enforcement accuracy.

"Through Cale’s partnership with the Lancaster Parking Authority, the process of updating our parking systems was completely effortless. Cale has proven to be a reliable partner that not only provides great, cost competitive products, but also products that are future-proof," said Larry J. Cohen, CAPP, Executive Director of the Authority.

The town of Lancaster upgraded 40 Cale pay stations, covering over 1,000 spaces, from pay-by-space to pay-by-plate mode. After the transfer and upgrade process was accomplished in less than a month, the city is now able to offer visitors a better experience, thanks to its flexible forms of payment. Users can now pay using coins, bills, credit cards, and pay-by-phone through the ParkLancaster or Parkmobile mobile applications.

Posted: 30 Apr 17

Click on the link to see the video.

Posted: 12 Apr 17

This week, the exhibition Traffex is taking place in Birmingham, UK. Many new, technical solutions for a smarter city and an improved parking environment are on display. Cale is of course present showing its latest innovations. Many customers have came by giving nice feedback on our product range. The Check In/Check Out solution, for example, is receiving plenty of interest. The solution is convenient for the motorist as he doesn't have to rush back to his car for a top-up. He can stay parked for the time he needs and when leaving he only pays for the time used, no need to pay extra just in case. No need either for paper tickets as enforcement will take place through scanning number plates and the registration number will immediately after Check In be available in the officers' handheld terminals.

Please don't miss coming by to say hello if you happen to be at Traffex 4th, 5th or 6th of April!

Posted: 05 Apr 17

Since a couple of years, Cale has close to 400 CWT Compact terminals in the streets of the Canadian city Saskatoon. The city will in the beginning of April this year complete the installation with the mobile app WayToPark from Cale.

The city is pleased with user-friendly functions like reminder in the app when the parking time is about to expire and the possibility to top up wherever you are. The motorists can get the receipts in digital form, which is convenient for him/her and environmentally friendly for the city.

For the city of Saskatoon it will be efficient to have access to all payment statistics in the backoffice system Cale WebOffice.

Follow the link to listen to an interview with the Director of Community Standards Andrew Hildebrandt at the City of Saskatoon and read more in an article in Starphoenix: http://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/city-plans-launch-of-parking-pay-app

More information on the mobile app from Cale

More information on the backoffice system, Cale WebOffice

Posted: 16 Mar 17

Come visit us at Parkex in Birmingham!

Posted: 15 Mar 17

Ever wondered if the Cale Terminals are as resistant to wear and tear, durable and reliable as we say?

What could prove it better than this:

There was a car accident in Jakarta, Indonesia. The car was badly damaged but the Cale terminal was back in business within a few minutes!

Posted: 08 Feb 17