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Technically, the color is “Salmon,” but with the most eye-catching meter color created for Florida yet, Madeira Beach’s 29 new pay stations cannot be missed.

Madeira Beach, a coastal beach town off of Tampa Bay, is known for it’s “Old Florida” charm intertwined with modern attractions, making it a no-brainer for vacationers around the world. The city prides itself on listening to it’s residents and guests, making enhancements to make it a better place to work and play.

That’s why, in December of this year, a vibrant update was made to the city’s public parking pay stations. 29 new salmon colored CALE CWT Meters boast a new color and an updated system for visitors and residents.

“It was time to move towards more modernization where people could use an app to pay for parking. That’s more of the ‘norm’ now,” says Chris Tarkenton, Parking Department Supervisor for the City of Madeira Beach. “It’s also more convenient for visitors who might be caught up at a restaurant. They don’t have to worry about running back to their car to add more time.

The 29 new parking meters are a vast upgrade from the ones residents are used to. The Cale Web Terminal Compact (CWT) lights up with a Color Display screen and is enhanced with ‘Pay by Plate’ technology. Visitors can simply enter their license plate number, parking duration, payment and be on their way.

“Switching from ‘Pay-and-Display’ to ‘Pay-by-Plate’ made tracking incredibly easy for us,” says Tarkenton, “It also makes it easier for residents who have a different parking permit. Residents have a back-up for their usual permit sticker…it’s all loaded into our system. It’s peace of mind on both ends.”

The most exciting addition to the meters is the new compatibility with ‘WayToPark,’ a mobile payment app that allows guests to add time to their parking spot straight from their phone. According to Tarkenton, this is a feature that visitors are used to seeing and expect to have available to them.

As for the color chosen for the meters? It was unanimous. Out of 5 color options, the Madeira Beach City Commission voted for the hue that would boast “Beach Life” the best, Salmon.


“They are much more noticeable for out-of-town visitors,” says Tarkenton, “It fits with the beach community lifestyle here. It was a great choice all around.”


Posted: 13 Dec 17

Nominated for Stockholm Award


As one of the most advanced countries in the world, Sweden has a knack for staying ahead on today’s technology and advancements. With approximately 10 million residents living in municipalities and urban areas, and thousands of visitors flowing in and out every day, vehicle parking and management is a must to keep the country on top.

That is why 2 years ago, Mats Igemo and Tommy Jakobsson, responsible for on-street parking operations in Stockholm, began to think about the future of parking terminals and what opportunities were available.

 “We looked at the requirements from credit card processors, banks and the general public when using payment machines,” says Tommy Jakobsson, “We wanted the payment method of the future to be both secure, convenient and flexible, while removing the need for paper tickets. Printed receipts displayed on a dash felt a bit old.”

The answer? The new digital and solar powered, Cale Web Terminal (CWT). Not only did they remove the waste of paper tickets, the user-interface is able to accommodate multiple languages.  As a service to foreign visitors and tourists, the city is able to provide instructions, via a language button, in German, French or English. The conversion to the CWT parking terminal opened several additional benefits to the city and it’s citizens, paving the way for the project to be nominated for the “Stockholm City Digitalization Award” 2017.


Convenience & Cost Saving

Convenience improves when payment is recorded digitally. Previously in Sweden, roughly 7.5 million receipts were printed each year. Receipts could be forged, blown away and were difficult to handle for 2 wheeled vehicles. In addition, paper receipts increased the need for service calls and malfunction checks. With the new CWT Color Touch terminals, customers could begin a parking session by entering the license-plate, selecting time and then applying payment. No paper receipt needed nor the need to walk back to a vehicle to place the receipt in a dashboard.

By switching from the previous ‘Pay & Display’ model, where receipts were mandated to be printed and displayed in the vehicle, to electronic payment, maintenance costs have been cut drastically.

“The CWT’s digital receipt and electronic payment option have completely changed the way we work,” says Jakobsson. “We used to have to collect and send out maintenance crews to retrieve coins, change paper, clear jams, etc. These new terminals have eliminated that need. We can now re-focus about 60% of our maintenance budget to other much-needed areas.”


Easily Transported and Installed

The new CWT units are solar-powered and no longer need to be connected to external power sources. This way, there is no construction work for power lines, which is complicated, expensive, and comes with implementation and electricity charges. The new CWT parking terminals are therefore easy to integrate into the urban environment and can easily be moved to accommodate the changing and growing city.


Real-Time Communication

One of the most impactful benefits of moving to the new CWT terminals is that they communicate in real time with the back office system. This allows the Parking Authority to monitor the health of the system remotely, while performing operational tasks from the office that previously required on-site attention. Since all information is digital, the parking transaction is transmited in real-time for enforcement purposes and can be easily updated and viewed at anytime, from anywhere.  Time and cost savings span over all areas of the parking operations, while providing better and faster service to customers.

As part of the project, the city of Stockholm has decided to follow the success from cities like Copenhagen, Denmark and Kula Lumpor, Malaysia to introduce Cale’s WayToPark App. The WayToPark App allows the end user to remotely check a session they have started, extend the session or find receipts from the convenienvce of their smartphone.


Facilitating Payment

The new CWT parking terminals allow customers to pay using a variety of coinless options; credit or debit cards, and contactless payments such as Samsung pay and Apple pay. Using this mode of operation, receipts are stored digitally, allowing the end user to conveniently receive a copy via text, or emailed directly at the parking terminal.

As an added benefit, if the end user does not request a receipt at the parking terminal, they may request one using the self-service portal, a Cale provided service that has been integrated with the city website.

“Allowing a self-service web interface for receipts has, reduced the calls to our heldesk” concludes Tommy Jakobson.


The Plan

Currently, the project to replace all old parking terminals to the new digital and solar powered CWT’s is underway. So far, 350 have been installed with another 650 in line to be placed into operation.

“The CWT Color Touch has made a big difference in the parking industry in Stockholm and Sweden,” says Mats Igemo, 

“We are getting international visitors from around the world who come to learn more about the enormous benefits that the city and parking authority is getting from the new system. Being able to reallocate time, energy and funds is a huge move for any city or municipality.”

The new CWT parking terminals have now been nominated and are one of the finalists for the Stockholm City Digitalization Award. The prize will be awarded on November 28th during the ‘Quality Awards’ ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

“It is a great honor to submit this cutting-edge parking system in Stockholm to the innovation contest,” says Mats Igemo. “We are excited to see what other projects have been entered, but no matter what, we know that once again we have put Stockholm as one of the most technologically advanced parking cities in the world.”

Posted: 27 Nov 17

Cale installed the first Pilot in Constanta, the largest Harbor city in Romania. Constanta is the 5th largest city in Romania with ca 300.000 inhabitants. The pilot period anticipated to last until 31st of March 2018.


The two Cale WebTerminal are located in the city center close to the Old Town near the city hall. The terminals will serve 100 paid parking spaces. The scope of the pilot is to get a smart parking solution, for the entire city with traffic regulating capacity. The Pilot will start with coins and Romanian bank note reader. During November EMV Card payments will be added as payment method. Furthermore, mobile payments will be introduced.


Enforcement will be done by the Municipal police with a soft start through the end of the year, giving citizens time to learn and understand the new program during the Christmas holidays.


Posted: 24 Nov 17

Cale Parking Terminals will start selling bus tickets in Helsinki

Helsinki's 400 parking terminals will by 2018 offer one-time tickets for HSL trains, buses and trams. The first combination machines was launched on the 3 of November. Helsinki region promises that 400 parking terminals by 2018 not only will sell parking but public transport tickets. The first 10 combination terminal was introduced in Helsinginkatu, Töölö and Itä-Pasila as a pilot and will go on until the end of 2017.

“We are excited for the opportunity to add value to the city’s existing payment terminals, and to extend our vision of improving urban mobility for smart cities like Helsinki around the world,” said Jeff Nethery, global product director for Cale Access AB in Stockholm.

Find the finnish YLE article here.


Posted: 17 Nov 17

Parkeon, the world’s leading parking and ticketing services provider, and Swedish-based Cale, announce they have entered into exclusive negotiations to create the leading global technology company for enabling urban mobility.

More than 5,000 cities in over 70 countries rely on Parkeon’s and Cale’s robust systems for payment solutions and services.

The two companies plan to join forces to access multidisciplinary skills for the research, development and practical implementation of IoT solutions to offer cities and parking operators all around the world innovative, secure and integrated smart urban mobility services.

The combined group plans to increase investments in its ongoing digital transformation and leverage on its global customer base with over 100 million weekly end-users.

Both the Cale and Parkeon brands would continue to be offered to ensure customers a seamless and reliable service during and after the contemplated transaction.

For the year ended June 30, 2017, Parkeon turned in €220m revenues and Cale €70m revenues. The combined group targets double-digit revenue growth for the upcoming 12 months.

The combination would bolster the two companies’ extensive international operations and the enlarged group would have around 1,300 employees largely based in France, UK, Sweden and North America. Furthermore, it would represent a good fit for the two companies’ regional strengths where Parkeon has strong market positions in Europe outside Scandinavia and in the rest of the world - particularly in emerging markets, while Cale has a strong presence in Scandinavia and North America. New sales efforts would be targeted on Emerging markets in Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

With over 500 R&D engineers earmarked for innovation to consolidate the combined group’s market leadership, the contemplated transaction would also add to the palette of technical skills in hardware, software, sensor systems, machine-learning and AI, business Intelligence, Information Security, UI/UX design and Mobile development. 


Both Parkeon and Cale hold the highest level of PCI certifications for security and integrity purposes and manage over 400 million credit card and mobile payment transactions on a yearly basis.

Bertrand Barthelemy would remain group CEO and Stéphane Roques would head up the new Smart City business arising from the combination with Cale. Anton Kaya, currently CEO of Cale, would become Chief Operating Officer of the Smart City Business Unit and Owen Griffith would continue to oversee Smart Transport.

The transaction would be implemented by way of contribution of Cale’s equity to Parkeon.

Bertrand Barthélemy, Parkeon’s CEO, said: “This project seeks to bring about smarter digital-based consumer mobility, stability for our customers, and growth for our business and employees. I am proud and look forward to putting our planned combination into practice. This would be a big step forward in the growth of our companies and for the future of the Smart City and urban mobility industry, while striving to create more pleasant, environmentally-friendly and safer cities where the economy is more vibrant and it is easier to move around. We would be able to build on our world leadership in digital urban mobility services. lt would very important that we proceed with the transaction while safeguarding the corporate culture of our two companies and jobs in our industry.”

Anton Kaya, Cale’s CEO, added: “The combination of the top two companies in our industry would provide an amazing opportunity to bring together global scale, integrated technology, and diverse distribution to create a true market leader. This would represent a new page in our history: looking forward, together we would step up our ongoing campaign to digitalize our service offering. We would strive to provide innovative and secure services for our customers, who have trusted us over the years, while ensuring an exciting future for our employees”.

The proposed transaction is subject to consultation of Parkeon’s works council, and would be completed by the beginning of 2018.

Posted: 10 Nov 17

CALE is a worldwide leading supplier of parking and unattended payment solutions and related services. Chargestorm is the leading supplier of smart charge stations and infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles in the Nordic countries. The e-mobility market is showing a tremendous growth in many countries and the demand for integrated parking and charging solutions for all plug-in hybrids and electrical vehicles is rapidly growing. By entering this agreement, CALE will be able to offer an integrated park and charge solution in the more than 30 countries. CALE will deliver its extensive range of leading parking management solutions, including solar powered payment terminals and the WayToPark App fully integrated with Chargestorm smart AC charge stations.

 “This agreement is in line with our strategy to offer solutions and helping cities around the world to become more sustainable and eco-friendly using connected and smart solutions” says Anton Kaya, CEO of CALE.

Chargestorm’s range of smart charging solutions, including NanoGrid™ for local load balancing to optimize the existing electrical infrastructure, is rapidly becoming a necessity for achieving cost-efficient scalability of existing parking areas. “We are proud and excited to work closely with CALE for this purpose” says Patrik Lindergren, CEO and founder of Chargestorm.

Posted: 05 Oct 17

Cale launched the parking app WayToPark in Copenhagen and Århus during September. All citizens parking their cars in Denmark’s capital and Århus can now register at all existing terminal for a smoother and simpler parking experience.

Posted: 18 Sep 17

Cale terminals will by November 1 be replacing the old parking kiosk in Palm Beach. With the built-in solar panels to recharge batteries that last up to three years, the terminals will save money for the Town. Cale was chosen as the best vendor with its color screen out of nine received proposals. “Their equipment is top notch,” Deputy Town Manager Jay Boodheshwar said. “They’ve been in business for a long time. They were the lowest price, too.” Boodhehwar also states that the Cale terminal has received very positive feedback.

Read more at Palm Beach Daily News

Posted: 10 Aug 17

Our updated WayToPark App is now available on App Store and Google play in Malaysia and Europe!

Download the App to discover the new features;

  • Map based for your convenience
  • User-friendly menu
  • Maps of parking location in receipts

Find more information about the App here.

Posted: 13 Jul 17

Cale and Nedap offer a combined solution for efficient parking guidance. The solution is based on a system from Nedap, which uses bay-mounted sensors in individual parking spaces to detect whether it is occupied. The real-time parking information that becomes available is integrated in Cale’s software, which is used to easily guide drivers to the nearest available parking space.

Click to read the full article on Nedap Mobility's site

Posted: 01 Jun 17