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Cale has offered innovative and efficient parking solutions from the start in 1955 and developed into a world leading brand within the parking industry.

Cale specialised in customising technology, for parking terminals, mobile payment solutions, transaction handling and centralised software systems. Converting this into functionality, always alongside the highest possible focus on the parking operator as well as the driver.

Cale was established in 1955 in Sweden. It was founded by Carl-Axel Andersson and his brother Lennart, where the name CaLe was established. Cale has evolved from a manufacturer of single space meters into what it has become today, a seamless parking solution provider with a world presence. Cale Group worked with a number of global distributors that contribute to the Parking by Cale concept and supported the Cale subsidiaries.

The company are proud of our Swedish heritage and are one of the few companies that choose to continue manufacturing our parking terminals at the premises where it all once started in Gävle, Sweden. We believe in high quality and sustainability which is the reason our terminals are made of stainless steel and are 99% recyclable.

Cale Group was a part of a Swedish investment company, Mellby Gård AB, an international industrial group comprising of around a dozen trading and industrial companies. Now we are excited to see what the future will hold with the merge to become a part of Flowbird Group and hope to bring even more innovative products the nordic and global market. 

Cale product history



This picture shows Carl-Axel Andersson, who founded CALE in 1955. The parking meter next to Carl-Axel Andersson was the first Cale product called ORUB. It accepted 25 cents and allowed a parking duration of up to one hour.

B 10


The first Cale pay & display machine, the mother of Cale WebTerminals (CWT) that can cover more than one parking space at a time.

MP 5005


Cale releases the MP 5005, the first pay & display machine controlled by a microprocessor. The MP 5005 enabled the use of multiple tariffs. It could also be equipped with an intelligent coin verifier and had a modular design for easy maintenance.

MP 8008


Cale develops an advanced pay & display machine that accepts both coins and credit cards. PC software that controls the machines and were able to get the terminal statistics on a daily basis.

TMA 89


The first back-office program supplied by Cale was a DOS-based application. The parking terminals communicated with a central PC, either via a modem by transferring data via a hand-held terminal or through a direct cable connection.

MP 104 with Argus back-office system


Cale releases the MP 104 with its state-of-the-art architecture, design and payment methods. The back-office software, Argus, released the same year, supports all of the MP 104's functions. It featured data transfer via modem or PC cards, updating of customisations’ (e.g. such as tariffs) and credit card blacklists, monitoring of terminal status, automatic transmission of alarms from terminals via modem, graphical presentation of statistics, and much more.

Cale WebOffice (CWO)


CWO creates a new trend in the back office management of parking terminals. CWO is an internet based service that does not require any PC software to be installed. An ordinary web reader is all that is required. New applications and functions are launched centrally without requiring any customer resources for installation, upgrades, configuration and trouble-shooting.

Cale WebTerminal (CWT) 2100 series


This is a new generation of payment terminal that uses the latest technological advancements in electronics, mechanics, software, data communication, user interface and security. The CaleWeb Terminal offers outstanding capabilities, especially when administered via the Internet based Cale WebOffice application.

CWT Compact- a new line of Cale Terminals introduced


The CWT Compact Series are the modern Cale WebTerminals offered by Cale today.

Cale goes digital with ParkingByCale


In ParkingByCale the license plate number is the key. It does not matter where and how you chose to pay for parking, at a Cale Terminal, via the mobile payment service WayToPark or digitally via Cale Permit. All data is identified via the license plate number in real time out in the field via Cale Enforcement.

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