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Compact S5

Parking terminals are often the direct link between a motorist and a parking system. They need to be tough, reliable, and easy to use. Flowbird´s Terminals can withstand virtually any environment, be fully customisable and built with the future in mind. You can choose the method of transaction payment, the level of connectivity, and you can even use them as bus ticket dispensers


High efficient 360 solar panel and 4G modem combined with Front illumination and Speakers (Hidden solar version available)

Crystal clear 9,7” Touch screen offering the most flexible user interface ever while designed for extreme durability

Full image and motion video support for Information and Commercial purposes

Powerful 1Ghz quadcore engine running Windows embedded with up to 32 Gb of storage

Luxurious and heat resistant front face in Brushed Aluminum

Multiple payment options including Coins, bank notes, City cards and Local payment device integrations.

Certified EMV configurations

Digital receipt option over SMS/e-mail with Onlinereceipt portal
All stainless steel design. Double security vault access and Electronic locks

Our other terminals

CWT C Touch

The future is here! Our CWT C Touch enables a new groundbreaking user experience. The 9” touch screen and the new mainboard enables possibilities like video rendering, much faster purchases and an overall smoother parking experience. 

CWT Compact

The CWT Compact ensures that the payment process is both secure and user-friendly, whether you are paying for parking, a bus ticket, or your residents permit. It is a successful combination of innovation and proven technology. The CWT Compact is more than just a box!

Enhance Your Current Terminal

You can upgrade your old terminal to CWT but keep your existing installation. It will then have all the current features such as a video-enabled colour screen, contactless credit card payment, software-controlled buttons, alphanumeric keyboard entry and audio interface as the CWT.

99% Recyclable

As a supplier of parking solutions, Flowbird Sweden has a great responsibility to ensure that our equipment is as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, we have made the CWT Compact 99% recyclable and optimised for solar operation.
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