We create comprehensive parking solutions

Cale offers four alternative plans to fit your parking operations. We have modular solutions for small parking operators to fully integrated solutions for complex Smart Cities, and everything in between.


WayToPark @ U D D E V A L L A

WayToPark @ U D D E V A L L A

Nu kan ni använda WayToPark när ni ska betala er parkering. Starta-stoppa-förläng er parkering direkt i appen. Ladda ner WayToPark nu! För mer information besök WayToPark´s hemsida: www.waytopark.com/se

07.02.19 / Latest News
Flowbird Sverige informerar

Flowbird Sverige informerar

1:a februari 2019 slutade vi supporta MP 104 mjukvaran vilket innebär att vi ej kommer att leverera några nya program eller taxeändringar. Vi kommer självklart att fortsätta att leverera reservdelar...

07.02.19 / Latest News
Flowbird Sverige levererar 8 st CWT Touch till Munktellgaraget i Eskilstuna

Flowbird Sverige levererar 8 st CWT Touch till Munktellgaraget i Eskilstuna

Fredagen den 1 februari invigdes Munktellgaraget i Eskilstuna. Munktellgaraget började byggas hösten 2017 och har plats för 175 parkeringsplatser under mark och ytterligare 175 platser i markplan. Dessutom finns det...

07.02.19 / Latest News

Flowbird GO!

Flowbird GO! offers a safe parking  that registers entry and exit with cameras. The system is connected to the WayToPark app for notification and payment. Read more...

Flowbird Connect

Cale offers seamlessly-integrated electric vehicle charging solutions for your customers including the ability to manage parking and charging sessions using the Cale WayToPark app or WebTerminal pay stations. Read more...

Flowbird Enforcement

A powerful tool to help you quickly take control of your enforcement business and manage your staff more efficiently. All data is instantly stored in the back-office system, enabling the help desk to deal with any complaints in real time. Read more…

Flowbird Permit

A tool for managing your digital permits. Flowbird Permit is a flexible web based service that helps you handle a variety of parking permits in a way that is both efficient and saves you time. Read more...

Cale WebOffice

Cale WebOffice is a web-based, all inclusive solution and is the heart of Parking by Cale. Cale WebOffice makes running a parking operation easy and ensures that you have all the necessary information in one place. Read more...


The WebTerminal (CWT) Compact Series ensures that the payment process is both secure, fast and user-friendly, whether you are paying for; parking, a bus ticket or your residents permit. Read more…


WayToPark offers a smarter way to pay for parking. It is a natural component of any comprehensive parking solution that offers your customer the option to pay and extend their parking by using our mobile phone app, WayToPark. Read more…

Digital Receipts

No more paper! Save paper and maintenance costs by allowing your customers to receive all of their WebTerminal parking receipts via SMS, email, or the WayToPark mobile app or web portal.

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