Cale enters new markets, next up Romania!

Cale installed the first Pilot in Constanta, the largest Harbor city in Romania. Constanta is the 5th largest city in Romania with ca 300.000 inhabitants. The pilot period anticipated to last until 31st of March 2018.


The two Cale WebTerminal are located in the city center close to the Old Town near the city hall. The terminals will serve 100 paid parking spaces. The scope of the pilot is to get a smart parking solution, for the entire city with traffic regulating capacity. The Pilot will start with coins and Romanian bank note reader. During November EMV Card payments will be added as payment method. Furthermore, mobile payments will be introduced.


Enforcement will be done by the Municipal police with a soft start through the end of the year, giving citizens time to learn and understand the new program during the Christmas holidays.


Posted: 24 Nov 17