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Hej! Vill ni se och lära er mer om den senaste > PARKERINGSTEKNIKEN < samt träffa våra trevliga medarbetare Fredrik och Kenneth? Såklart ni vill! Håll ögonen öppna efter vår coola Road Show bil som nu i november åker ut på en 3 dagars turné.

Datum och plats hittar ni nedan. Så ”Save the date”. Mer specifik information kommer inom kort. 

18/11  Sundsvall   09.00 –10.00

19/11  Luleå   09.00 –11.00

19/11  Skellefteå   14.00 – 16.00 

20/11  Umeå   09.00 – 11.00

20/11  Örnsköldsvik   14.00 – 16.00

Posted: 08 okt 19

WebOffice improvements and WwebOffice HUB.

WebOffice is now upgraded to version 2.42. We are doing minor improvements on the UI and the appearance of the menu bar. We are also improving existing features like translations and Vipps Payments and fixing bugs where we have found them.
A new WebOffice feature is being introduced: The WebOffice HUB. A new Package to better consolidate all data from your parking operation. 



Flowbird HUB


WebOffice HUB is a new set of tools in WebOffice that allow to concentrate and consolidate parking information from terminals, mobile apps and permit systems.

With a set of import API´s WebOffice can report and analyze financial and operational information from all parts of a parking operation. In addition, it can provide up to date occupancy information along with comprehensive tools required for analysis.