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CWT Compact S5 | Release

Compact S5 | The next generation! 

The Compact S5 is a digital, low-impact and powerful payment kiosk. The Compact S5 creates connections between traditional parking and other city services. The S5 cloud platform offers powerful integration possibilities, for example making it possible to sell bus tickets or ferry rides. 

The system has full OTA (Over The Air) support of configuration, software and firmware. The OTA support makes the maintenance extremely convenient and efficient. It gives the customer a great tool for customization of the user experience and can easily be submitted to the payment kiosk. Local businesses will be able to advertise through the video function of the Compact S5.

The crystal clear 9.7” touch screen and integrated speakers makes a vibrant experience. Offerings can also be presented on the ticket thanks to a high resolution printer that handles graphics, tickets, vouchers and 2D barcodes.

WebOffice also offers parking utilization analysis and prediction, taking into account seasonal, weekly and daily variation to optimize turnover, often so crucial in vibrant cities. This frees up space for a livelier neighborhood.

Last but not least, the Compact S5 is powered by an ultra-low energy platform which makes it fully autonomous using solar energy.

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Posted: 19 mar 20