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Flowbird WebOffice 2.52 deploy

At the night between Saturday and Sunday 2nd to 3rd of October, Flowbird will update the WebOffice (CWO/FWO) to version 2.52.
This is made to present new features and resolve issues with the current version.

All systems hosted on the EU site (CWO, Permit, WayToPark, and Enforcement) and Flowbird Go (ANPR) will be affected by this upgrade.

Date: 3rd of October 2021
Start Time: 00:01 CET
End Time: 06:00 CET

Please note: All connected terminals will not communicate with Cale WebOffice during this time and will enter offline mode for supported applications.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Kind regards
Nordic Support 
Flowbird Sverige AB

Posted: 10 sep 21