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We create holistic parking solutions

We are the parking company that believe in movement. We hate interruption. And we love flow. Innovation is the fuel that drives us, contributing to functional societies where people spend time on things that truly matter. As a global company, we have; the knowledge, experience and the mindset to create smarter cities, and by being our customers’ best advisors we provide; user-friendly, reliable and sustainable solutions. In a world, where the only constant is change, we will never stop moving. We will always help people to stay ahead

Handhaving en Ticketautomaten

Exclusieve distributeur voor Nederland is:
Scheidt & Bachmann Parkeersystemen B.V.
Heliumstraat 130
2718RS Zoetermeer
+31 (0) 79 361 00 04
Mail: parkeren@scheidt-bachmann.nl
Web: www.sb-parkeersystemen.nl
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