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We create holistic parking solutions

We are the parking company that believe in movement. We hate interruption. And we love flow. Innovation is the fuel that drives us, contributing to functional societies where people spend time on things that truly matter. As a global company, we have; the knowledge, experience and the mindset to create smarter cities, and by being our customers’ best advisors we provide; user-friendly, reliable and sustainable solutions. In a world, where the only constant is change, we will never stop moving. We will always help people to stay ahead

Cale WebOffice

Cale WebOffice is a web-based, all inclusive solution and is the heart of Parking by Cale. Cale WebOffice makes running a parking operation easy and ensures that you have all the necessary information in one place. Read more..


WayToPark offers a smarter way to pay for parking. It is a natural component of any comprehensive parking solution that offers your customer the option to pay and extend their parking by using our mobile phone app, WayToPark. Read more…

Cale Web Terminal

The Cale Web Terminal (CWT) Compact Series ensures that the payment process is both secure, fast and user-friendly, whether you are paying for; parking, a bus ticket or your residents permit. Read more…

Cale Permit

A tool for managing your digital permits. Cale Permit is a flexible web based service that helps you handle a variety of parking permits in a way that is both efficient and saves you time. Read more...

Cale Enforcement

A powerful tool to help you quickly take control of your enforcement business and manage your staff more efficiently. All data is instantly stored in the back-office system, enabling the help desk to deal with any complaints in real time. Read more…

Digital Receipts

No more paper! Save paper and maintenance costs by allowing your customers to receive all of their WebTerminal parking receipts via SMS, email, or the WayToPark mobile app or web portal.


Cale offers seamlessly-integrated electric vehicle charging solutions for your customers including the ability to manage parking and charging sessions using the Cale WayToPark app or WebTerminal pay stations.


Parkeon and Cale entered into exclusive negotiations to become the world leader in urban mobility technology

Parkeon and Cale entered into exclu...

Parkeon, the world’s leading parking and ticketing services provider, and Swedish-based Cale, announce they have entered into exclusive negotiations to create the leading global technology company for enabling urban mobility....

10.11.17 / Latest News

Bandung Launch In YouTube

Bandung City Council has officially launch 449 unit Cale CWT Terminal on July 13th, 2017. Check out the YouTube video for the launch. https://youtu.be/omwxWrJdPKY

17.07.17 / Latest News
Copy of Nedap partners with Cale for Smart Parking in Malaysia

Copy of Nedap partners with Cale fo...

Cale and Nedap offer a combined solution for efficient parking guidance. The solution is based on a system from Nedap, which uses bay-mounted sensors in individual parking spaces to detect...

01.06.17 / Latest News

Cale Malaysia

Cale Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Suite 2-06, Level 2, Menara Mudajaya,
No. 12A Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Company no.: 1148271-P
GST ID No.: 000918171648

Phone: +60 3 7732 1022           E-mail: info@calemalaysia.com.my

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