Operational status

Reported outages at this time.

  • CWO disturbance

    CWO analysis and financial overview pages are unavailable. Troubleshooting is ongoing.

    13:00 CET: The problem will be solved within the next two hours.

    15:00 CET: Problem is solved

  • CWO 2.29 deployment

    On the the night between 21:sth and the 22:nd of October CET Cale WebOffice will be upgraded to version 2.29.

    Information about added functionality and/or changes can be found under the News section within WebOffice, after update is completed.

    The CWO will be out of service during these hours although we expect the actual downtime to be shorter.

    CWT terminals using PostPayment, synchronous Ongoing Purchase, or Purchase Prerequisite will be affected.

    The enforcement interface will be out of service and this can affect pay by plate operations.

    End user initiated check-in and check-out will not be possible.

    System check-outs will be delayed but executed with the correct end time and amount.

    Coin and Credit Card pre-payment will not be affected.

    Fleet Cards may be affected depending on terminal configuration.

    WayToPark mobile payments and CWO enforcement interface will be affected

    Cale Permit will not be affected.

    Contact your local Cale support organization if you need more detailed information

  • Closing HTTP support for export services

    IMPORTANT! We are closing WebOffice unsecure HTTP (port 80) for export services because of PCI certification rules. All Cale customers using export services in WebOffice needs to change to secure HTTPS (port 443) before the 1:st of December when we close HTTP support.


    Example of export services that will no longer support HTTP:

    Enforcement Service (/cwo2exportservice/Enforcement/1/EnforcementService.svc)

    Live Data Export Service (/cwo2exportservice/LiveDataExport/1/LiveDataExportService.svc)


Please contact your local Cale subsidiary/distributor for support during business hours.

+46 (0)8 799 37 00
Dir +46 (0)8 799 37 60
+47 22 62 10 12

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Report Disturbances

Please report experienced disturbances on service availability here. This service is only available outside Swedish business hours.
+46 (0)76 00 08 770
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