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RELEASE - Flowbird Connect

Together with Chargestorm, Flowbird now offers a modern, safe and simple to use charging
station solution for electric vehicles. Chargestorm´s EV Chargers can be fully controlled either
by the WayToPark (WTP) App or Cale WebTerminal (CWT). With a network of tens of thousands
of CWTs on streets all over the world it becomes easy to control EV charging from any CWT
already installed in the local area.


EVA Connected has a robust design of metal and ABS-plastic. It is ideal for office car
parks, public parking spaces and
apartments and can be mounted on a 60 mm pole or on
a wall as option. EVA Connected has a clear display with bright
symbols indicating the status
of the charger.


CSR100 charging stations is designed for real estate and public outdoor applications.
The charging station is supplied with dual Type 2 outlet. The unit features a robust metal
enclosure and can be mounted on a 60mm pole or on a wall as option. CSR100 has a clear
status indicator at the center of the unit. The color of the LED illumination changes by outlet
(side) depending on status.

Find more information on FLOWBIRD Connect product page here...


Posted: 19 Oct 18