An effective enforcement strategy drives revenue and increases parking access. Cale Enforcement gives you a complete overview of your enforcement system. It enables you to manage staff more efficiently and helps ensure parking transactions are maximised. Cale Enforcement can be integrated with all other Cale parking solutions to further generate enforcement-based revenues.


The key for all digitised parking, and digital enforcement in particular, is the registration number plate. This key identifier makes it possible to access all the information required in a fast, structured and simple way.


In order to meet the needs of the market, Cale Enforcement connects to other systems and suppliers of payment information, as well as other relevant data sources, for example phone payments, permit handling, vehicle information, government, and collection agencies. Cale Enforcement also supports traditional paper tickets and paper permits, if these are not yet fully digitised.


Cale’s all-in-one, integrated solution increases your efficiency, as you have complete control of the full parking operation. You can analyse and measure enforcement activity and see the effect on parking payments in the same system. The result is; simpler operation and monitoring of both payment and enforcement – which saves time and increases revenue!
Cale Enforcement is available in three different levels.

Quick payment verification

Quick payment verification

Cale Enforcement Camera

Number-plate scanning for even faster verification of payments and permits

Cale Enforcement Professional

Complete enforcement solution for verification, fine-issuing and back-office system for monitoring and follow-up.
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