Paying for Parking in Erie Just Got Easier

Officials announced the start of new payment options on Thursday - Erie Mayor Joe Schember and officials with the Erie Parking Authority and the local developers of meterEZ announced during Schember’s weekly news conference on Thursday that two new ways of feeding the city’s parking meters are in place.

Two parking kiosks were installed outside of the Erie County Courthouse on West Sixth Street on Thursday morning to allow motorists to pay for meter time using coins, cash, credit cards or prepaid cards. A number of parking spaces can be paid for using a kiosk, and they can send text alerts if the user’s meter time is expiring, officials have said.

Also launched on Thursday was meterEZ, an app that allows motorists to pay for parking by phone.

“For many years, people in the city of Erie have had to carry quarters. That ends today,” said Christopher Friday, deputy director of the Erie Parking Authority. “As of today, you can download the meterEZ app and use a credit card for your parking payments.”

Nate Wheeler of weCreate website design in Erie said his company was instrumental in developing the parking app, and was very excited to see it launched. Using the meterEZ app, motorists can punch in their meter number and use a payment method to put time on the meter. The technology requires no infrastructure changes or additional costs, Wheeler said.

“Pulling up to a meter today and pulling out that app and paying for my parking in a couple of seconds without quarters was a pretty cool feeling, so we’re looking for quarter-quitters,” he said.

Users of meterEZ will be notified by text to the person’s cell phone if the meter time is running out and more time needs to be purchased, Wheeler said. Parking Authority employees will be equipped with technology to verify that a meter is paid for, he said.

Friday said the Erie Parking Authority is working diligently to bring new technologies to the city, and he asked anyone with suggestions to pass them along as the work moves forward.



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Posted: 09 Aug 18
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