FLOWBIRD Takes Home 'Best in Show' Award at IPI 2018

On June 6th, 2018, a panel of criteria judges awarded FLOWBIRD (previously Parkeon and Cale)with the Best of Show booth award. The prestigious honor is given to the booth that displays the most uniqueness, effectiveness of marketing, message, and creativity.

This year, Flowbird harmonized both product lines, Parkeon and Cale, displaying what will currently be offered under the new company name. They also unveiled new systems that mark today’s urban mobility strategies, including the EKO Kiosk and StreetSmart Parking System.

Adding to the innovation, the team at FLOWBIRD provided entertainment taking homage to the company’s new name, setting up a virtual-reality interactive bird flying experience, ‘Birdly.’ Attendees at IPI soared through the streets of New York City and Hong Kong, using a full body simulator to let the rider conquer the sky.

While the VR experience offered immersed, interactive entertainment, the ride was a true reflection of what the new company name stands for. Inspired by the ease with which each bird moves quickly and safely within a cloud of birds, the name FLOWBIRD symbolizes our ambition to make individual movements simpler, safer, faster, while collectively maximizing efficiency and harmonizing flows.




Posted: 08 Jun 18


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