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Cale takes part in the Great American Teach In.

As part of last week’s Great American Teach In (Thursday, 11/16), Tom Szubka, Director of Operations for Cale America, took time on Monday to spend more than an hour with 4th grade students at Summerfield Elementary, part of Florida’s Hillsborough County School system.  The students had the opportunity to learn about work experience, what it takes to run a business, the parking industry and the law of supply and demand, as well as what it takes to be a leader.

“The children were excited to hear Mr. Szubka talk about how they could possibly one day become a business leader,” said Heather Towers, 4th grade teacher at Summerfield Elementary, “They were interested in how supply and demand exists in the real world by participating in the fun hands-on example.”

Tom created an activity for the kids, using the parking industry to explain how supply and demand works and how supply and demand help define the parking industry as well as what Cale provides for the parking industry.  Equipped with cars, paper parking lots, and money, the students had fun learning how limited supply is managed for demand.

“I think the kids mostly took away from the presentation the importance of being a leader starting right now,” said Towers, “My class has been impacted by the presentation by seeing that if they believe in themselves and make smart choices, they too can achieve success in life.”

Students of Ms. Towers’ 4th grade class wrote letters to Tom. Each hand-drawn note thanked him for teaching them real-life skills,  most notably, how to say “Thank You” in Swedish… “Tack!”

Posted: 21 Nov 17
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