Franklin PA Makes Money Saving Move by Switching to Cale Meters

Franklin, Pennsylvania installed 3 new meters on Wednesday, November 8th, replacing an old and time-consuming system.

The new Cale meters were approved in September by City Council due to a number of factors, namely, repairs. To repair their current old meters, the city would have to spend $26,140, in addition to constant maintenance costs.

Parking meter collections had also been down due to a number of broken meters. Last year, total year-end collections totaled to $78,000. At the end of August this year, collections stood at $39,500, almost $13,000 off target from 2016.

Once the new Cale meters have finished installation, the annual cost to maintain the meters will be only $8,220, saving cost in both repairs and collections.

Citizens of Franklin will now have the option to pay via Credit Card, Debit or change at the Cale Web Terminal Color Screen meter. Drivers could also pay within a mobile application and park at other spots in the city without paying additional meter fees.

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Posted: 09 Nov 17
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