Pay-on-foot systems

The PKS 3000 System is a pay-on-foot car parking scheme utilising Smart Card technology, a future orientated medium and a unique feature of the system.

The Smart Card is a sturdy ISO standard sized plastic credit card complete with an integrated circuit that stores all information required for the parking operation.

Contactless Smart Cards withstand an almost unlimited number of read/write cycles since no mechanical contact is made to the card. The useful life of the card is only limited by the wearing of the readable instructions on the card. With the high quality printing procedures used this is generally in excess of five years use. Contact-less card benefits are especially demonstrated by their ability to be read remotely from the equipment i.e. proximity reading.

Features of the PKS 3000 System

Easy to use

Smart cards are familiar, ISO standard credit card sized cards.

  • High quality plastic cards do not tear, deteriorate when they become damp and are not lost easily like paper tickets.
  • Easy to follow graphical displays for users at Entry, Pay and Exit Stations.
  • Day cards are dispensed in just half a second at the Entry Station, ensuring swift movement of visitors.
  • Day visitors can insert their card in any orientation at exit station.
  • Season and value cards are proximity read - no need to insert card into reader.

Cost effective

  • Estimated usable life of around 5 years or 100,000 uses for cards.
  • No need to continually re-order paper tickets - offering significant and ever increasing consumable savings.
  • Maintenance costs kept to a minimum due to reliable and simple mechanical design of equipment, with low service and spare part requirements.


  • Programming on to a chip in the card allows other applications to be used on a single Smart Card as well as parking (e.g. door entry).
  • Portable concessionary devices allow facility to offer part or complete refunds of parking.
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