Smart Cities Require Smart Solutions

Our cities are growing by the hour, so too are the number of vehicles pouring into them. The amount of parking spots on the other hand is not, at least not proportionally. A smarter system is required. One that can use the data available in order to accommodate more traffic.

Of course with more traffic, focus has to be put on sustainability. Reducing emissions, while in a state of growth it is not an easy concept to grasp but this is where good planning and communication are pivotal. The true smart cities rise to the challenge, embrace it and deliver a solution for the good of their citizens.

Smart is Knowing Where to Look and Knowing Whom to Turn to

At Cale we are fully engaged in the smart city concept. Our main R&D facility is located in Stockholm, Europe’s first “Green Capital” and one of the world’s smartest cities. This is the arena in which we develop, test, and evaluate our smart city solutions on a daily basis. Once our solutions prove viable here, they are adapted and rolled out in other smart cities around the world.

A typical example of this is our app, which is in constant communication with our connected terminals and the Cale back office system. The information it gathers is shared with drivers so they can locate the nearest available parking spot at their final destination. This revolutionary system uses smartphone technology to deliver a smarter solution for all concerned. There is less congestion on the streets, less stress for drivers, less greenhouse gases and increased parking revenue for cities.

A smart solution should ultimately increase flow and free-up time for people. That way they can spend more time doing what they want and like to do. If that appeals to you and your city, then look no further than Cale.

Parking Network News

The future of parking is in the vehicle's registration number. It will not matter where and how people choose to pay for parking. All data will be identified via the registration number for analysis in a cloud with the help of an intelligent management system where data is available in real time for integration with other live services such as digital enforcement. Cale provides parking solutions for cities, municipalities and other areas where regulated parking is more of a necessity to reduce congestion and emission in the city centre.

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