CPA Board of Directors Parking Industry Business Excellence Award

Cale demonstrate continued commitment to the development and advancement of the parking industry by:

  • Developing innovative technological advancements in areas that support the parking industry (innovations should go far beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services and will be based  on breadth and depth of impact on the parking industry);
  • Successfully satisfying client expectations in terms of product adaptation and reliable service excellence after sales;
  • Demonstrating excellence in entrepreneurship and business leadership;
  • Displaying commitment to the Canadian Parking Association through program participation and supporting development of new initiatives for members;
  • Demonstrating the ability to develop new products/services or make improvements to existing products/services through the application of an existing or new technology;
  • Applying innovative approaches to emerging trends which directly impact the parking industry.

Cale is most grateful to receive this award! 

Posted: 24 Jan 17
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